Being a manager in the role of team coach

You want your team to take more responsibility and to work together with pride as a winning team. You also want to support your team to get results. During this training you will learn how to intervene effectively in the process of your team. For example, how do you make yourself conscious of what is going on beneath the process and how can you augment ownership within the team? How can you close a clear team contract with your team? In short, you will learn all the practical skills to coach team processes. Team coaching is learnable.


Learning objectives and result

After two days of training you will:

  • Have knowledge of and insight into phases of team development
  • Have insight into different techniques for team coaching
  • Be able to recognise behavioural patterns within your team
  • Be able to break through ineffective behavioural patterns in the team
  • Gain practiced team intervention techniques
  • Be able to make the team feel responsible for its development


Target audience

Any manager who wants to professionalise coaching teams.



During two days the following subjects will be addressed:

  • What is the role of a team coach?
  • What hinders you in the current supervision of your team?
  • What are natural phases of development in teams?
  • What processes in your team are specifically group dynamics?
  • How to recognise patterns of ‘persecutor / victim / rescuer’
  • Recognising (unconscious) sabotage of communication
  • Several intervention techniques and strategies


Learning and work forms

The following learning and work forms are used during the training

  • Theory and training
  • Theory and practice
  • Analysis assignment and practice
  • Working in sub groups and at an individual level
  • Several fragments of movies, film and video analysis and reflection
  • Several practical assignments



4 half-day sessions
€ 1.375,= [VAT excluded] per participant



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