Testimonial Team Excellerator

Christian Borthers
Edmund Garvey, province leader Christian Brothers ‘MANS stands for honesty, integrity and empathy’ The Christian Brothers were organised in Europe in three leadership teams. ‘By restructuring the European context the Christian Brothers wanted to work more efficiently. It was not simply a matter of geography, but also of spirituality’, says […]

Van Hall Larenstein Academy
Peter van Dongen, Chairman of the Board of VHL Academy ‘MANS stimulates result-based thinking’ At Van Hall Larenstein (VHL) Academy MANS facilitated the formation of result-oriented teams. MANS was invited to facilitate the conceptual development as well as the implementation. ‘After a period of administrative unbundling the Academy proceeded since […]

Openbaar Ministerie
Ingrid Peters, Head of programs, projects and processes – Public Prosecutor ‘In time we want to implement MANS’ integral approach’ ‘The MANS approach surprised me. We received so much more than just an analysis of the behavioural preferences of all participants’, says Ingrid Peters, Head of programs, projects and processes […]

Eric Bosscher, Director Electronics Technology Organisation Food Preparation – Electrolux ‘Behavioural preferences are an eye opener for our employees’ ‘People from Mexico, Poland, Italy and Germany work in my division of approximately hundred. Being Dutch in an originally Swedish concern it is good to take international diversity into account’, says […]

Nationale Politie
Teun Visscher, Director of corps staff – National Police ‘Biggest challenge will succeed’ An immense operation. The formation of the National Police is no more and no less. The integration of 26 corps into one national organisation is supposed to result in better performance and more legitimacy. The public will […]

Wim Sprik, project leader Philips Innovation Team Shaving With MANS you quickly get to meta-level ‘At Philips Shaving in Drachten we now have some three years experience with MANS training. For example, after a number of sessions we have drawn up contracts together in which we agree how to deal […]

Jacqueline Myers, Head of Corporate IT Fujifilm To improve teamwork MANS is a true value-added partner ‘Fujifilm is a global organisation encompassing many diverse cultures. My own team includes six nationalities, is based in two countries, and provides services throughout Europe and beyond. The MANS organisation’s knowledge of behavioural science, […]