Cedeo: Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Very proud of Cedeo reward!

Customer satisfaction is important for every organisation that claims the slogan ‘Customer first’. We are very proud of the results of our most recent Cedeo survey! Download the report here.

15 years Cedeo rewarded

Cedeo erkend96.5% of our customers are satisfied or very satisfied with the expertise we delivered. Every two years Cedeo performs independent customer satisfaction research across buyers of HR services. Only companies with at least objectively measured 80% client satisfaction obtain the Cedeo reward. With 96.5% we – for over 15 years now! – we still belong to the 10% of Dutch HR providers with Cedeo reward. The Cedeo institute offers a clear standard when it comes down to determining which of the ca. 8,500 commercial HR providers have proven track records in terms of performance, costumer centricity and collaboration. That is good news for our customers and good for us. The Cedeo reward assures customers they will receive high standard quality, and we are keen on providing that quality, by continuously improving our offerings.


Some quotes from our clients

This is what our clients told the independent researchers of Cedeo:

Regarding the pre-design phase a client mentioned “MANS is very capable in translating the often quite soft aspects to a clear contract and that is simply very pleasant.”


That is nice to hear, but how about the long term effect of our services? “We still talk about it and we observe the return on a daily basis.”


No less than three clients mentioned: “They also discussed the functioning of our brains; that was a nice perspective which offered an extra dimension” and all clients agreed that the tracks are rightfully defined as tailor made tracks. “Quite some space was given to the team, but if discussions derailed the trainer would swiftly bring us back on the same page at the same level”.


Also for the trainers, nothing but laudations: “The trainer responded directly and transparently to what was happening; that was quite a pill to swallow once in a while, but it was also what we needed and asked for. She exposed several of our stubborn communication habits, which has resulted in setting up more relaxed and structured communication patterns.”


Our neatly presented -“tailored to the track”- course material received many laudations as well: “The reader included theoretical frameworks, assignments and supported by nice visuals, clear explanations and references to other publications, which enabled you to dig in in case you wanted to.”


Also our organizational flexibility and administrative accuracy were greatly appreciated: “MANS has a good working back-office” and “We agree on a year budget and MANS provides timely (financial) status update reports.”


How we relate to our clients was also highly appreciated: “We have contact on a regular basis, which always goes quite naturally – we often understand each other after the first word is said so we don’t need much time.”


Really satisfied

Last but not least, all clients mentioned they would definitely recommend MANS to others: “In case I would ever change employer in my new position – if possible – I would contact MANS again – quite an indication of how satisfied I am regarding our cooperation.”