Decoding your leadership script

You will be making a personal analysis based on the Open Mind Management© concept. You will make an inventory of your current leadership style by gaining insight in your neuron clouds, your egogram and drama triangle. So, you will get a clear picture of how to broaden your behavioural menu. Furthermore, you will learn about complex behavioural development through practical techniques. You will create more self awareness of your deeper motives and behavioural patterns and their effect on others.


Download the brochure here (in Dutch as a pdf).


Learning and work methods

In this intense, personal trajectory you will focus on the next goal in which you will create a new leadership script. These sessions provide you with insights in:

  • How behaviour originates neurologically
  • How ‘learning’ and ‘changing’ work in your brain
  • What neuro feedback can mean to you. An optional scan of your brain can be included.
  • In addition, MANS will offer practical instruments to broaden or deepen your leadership style.


Target audience

For higher middle management – experienced managers who want to deepen their development as a manager. A minimum of ten years of experience is required.



During this course you will alternately be busy with:

  • Taking control of behaviour from a broader menu
  • Designing a winning leadership script
  • Norm-free thinking and asking questions
  • Constructively turning emotional processes of others into ‘managerial’ solutions
  • Recognising (unconscious) sabotage of communication
  • Several strategies to identify three levels of resistance and defining your strategy
  • Recognising the patterns of ‘persecutor’, ‘victim’ and ‘rescuer’ and bending these to adult interaction
  • Neuro feedback
  • Placing your personal leadership in an organisational context and combining a winning leadership script with the realisation of vision and strategy of the organisation
  • How leadership in a winning script will lead to a better use of the potential of workers, management of behaviour, own responsibility and optimising results in the organisation.


Learning and work methods

The following learning and work methods will be used during the course:

  • Theory and training
  • Personal coaching and a personal coaching app
  • Preparing assignment, assignment for analysis
  • Neuro feedback scan
  • Working with an expert
  • Working in sub groups and on an individual level
  • Practising with actors, exercises in gaining consciousness and physical interventions
  • Fragments from movies, film and video analysis and reflection
  • Several practical assignments
  • Behavioural analysis



9 half-day sessions
€ 3.600,= [VAT excluded]



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