History of MANS

Always one step ahead

MANS: New Style Management and Labour was founded in 1982 as an association. From day one, organisational development has been devised and developed in an integrated way with attention for hard and soft aspects of management. By staying one step ahead of general consultancy, MANS has always been able to service its clients with new insights into making people work together optimally.


The foundation for total quality management, in the early 1980s was an example of being one step ahead. MANS provided a new impulse in the professionalisation of the operational management of organisations in the 1980s and early 1990s. MANS was set up by the employers federation FME and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with large-scale meetings with heavyweights (senior managers of Honeywell, Rank Xerox and DAF) from both the business community and the government with an at that time unique integrated approach.


In 1994, MANS became a commercial consultancy. The original goal based on the association to broaden quality thinking in the Netherlands, was achieved. From that time on, MANS continued its operations as a private limited company.


In the Netherlands, MANS was a trendsetter in TQM thinking and laid the foundation for the INK (Dutch Quality Institute). It was therefore logical that in the early 1990s MANS as a knowledge partner contributed to the development of the INK model. During the 1990s and the first decade of the 2000s, MANS became an expert in the area of support to organisational development based on the INK concept.
MANS Open Mind Management
In the past decades, MANS has designed the Open Mind Management approach. OMM is a powerful and logical sequel to TQM and INK, in which MANS combined its many years of experience with organisational changes with aspects from the neuroscience, psychology and business administration. With this unique combination of disciplines MANS again is a step ahead in providing clients with an integral approach for making people work together optimally.