More mensch with MANS: more behavioural preferences

MANS is at home in the harsh reality of improvement processes. In 25 years, MANS has significantly contributed to the professionalisation of numerous organisations, whether profit, non-profit or governmental; nationally as well as internationally.

Adult individuals

Vision, missions, targets, strategy, execution and feedback, it is all a piece of cake to MANS. At the same time MANS has noticed through the years that professional organisations have embraced quality in processes and in many cases have been implementing it to perfection. In what area can progress still be made? In people who execute the processes. That is MANS’ answer. Numerous managers assume that not much can be changed about those people. MANS dares to think otherwise. If you are able to show people norm-free that different behaviour contributes to better results, an actual post-INK era is created in which full attention is paid to the development of managers and staff into adult individuals.

Behavioural Preferences: Measurability

MANS combines a professional approach with additional research into human behaviour. To this end, MANS uses the principles of transactional analysis, developed by Eric Berne, thus treading on the area of behavioural preferences and the degree in which they contribute to successful operations in a collaborative relationship, as well as to the coaching of people who are ready for the fresh definition of their life script. Does this sound vague? Yes, if you do not link any consequences to it. No, if you make the behavioural component of employees measurable. This is exactly what MANS does, to the benefit of its clients. MANS’ integral approach is referred to as Open Mind Management, OMM©.