OMM© Innovation Management Scan

How to get more entrepreneurship in your innovation projects

The INNOVATION MANAGEMENT SCAN is a quick and efficient way to assemble insights and to fine tune your innovation management approach to the most wanted form of innovation. Did you know that mature innovation project teams find it harder to escalate in time and are less capable of becoming a real team, therefore lowering the chance for radical innovation?

The Innovation Management Scan is about:

  • Teaming up across the value chain
  • Identifying what type of innovation is possible and impossible within the existing organisational structure and hierarchy
  • Identifying pressure points in project, planning and power (hierarchy) at the cost of what?
  • Defining key actions


Qualitative research is the method for an innovation management scan. It consists of desk research over two days and interviews with 15 to 30 employees, involved in innovative processes.


What is being scanned?

  • PROJECTS: what kind of projects have been successful, what kind of project proposals did not even pass the test of feasibility?
  • ORGANISATIONAL LEVEL: how does the current type of organisation facilitate innovation and if so, what type of innovation
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL LEVEL: what are the psychological drivers of the organisation and what effect do they have?
  • PROJECT TEAM: maturity in relation to functions


What can key actions look like?

  • How to change the psychological footprint
  • How to introduce new permissions
  • How to manage projects in an adult way:
    • New escalation flow
    • Different organisational project structure
    • Calibrate fundamental deliverables

Innovation Management

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