Open Mind Management Principles

Open Mind Management © (OMM) aims at optimising people working together. Mastering the basics of OMM is the foundationOpen Mind Management principles you need to make all future training more effective. By “owning” your own behavioural script you can identify your own root cause instead of focussing on the symptoms and create more behavioural menu. More menu means that Open Mind Management gives you more access to choices to react.


OMM© is based on three principles:


Open Mind Management Principle no. 1: OWNING YOUR OWN BEHAVIOUR

The number one principle of OMM is that people should obtain ownership of their own behaviour. In the base course OMM people look at their own behavioural script. How have they been conditioned to behave. A script is not right or wrong, it is based on early experiences during the upbringing. It’s neither about having to change. It is about knowing the limitations of your behavioural script and creating more behavioural menu.


Open Mind Management Principle no. 2: AUTHENTICITY

Authenticity doesn’t mean you and your conditioning. It means you have access to the full behavioural spectrum. To be authentic you need to have free access to the full behavioural menu you can choose from.


Open Mind Management Principle no. 3: ACCOUNTABILITY

Only when you own your own behaviour, you can be authentic which means you do not need to evade accountability. Shaming and blaming isn’t interesting but owning your decision and learning from it, is. This only works if a person oversees the consequences of his behavioural choice. OMM enables you to do so.


Once you’ve finished the basic course, all other MANS trainings will be much more effective. Like our OMM Project Excellerator, Innovation Management Scan, OMM Team Excellerator, OMM Management Development, and OMM Real-Time Coaching.