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Project Management to a higher level

Project ManagementIn their search for balance, organisations genuinely desire for their employees / people to optimise their knowledge (what) and performance (how). Only too often it happens the “how” trainings don’t linger and people fall back in old habits.

The aim of the OMM approach is to raise project management to a higher level, making use of the existing project organisation. OMM© adds an integrated approach of behavioural management to the project management organisation. Just as the content is managed with clear contracting within the projects and the continuous improvement of the projects, behaviour can also be managed, with clear contracts regarding how the collaboration should take place within the team, as well as in interactions with clients and stakeholders. During each step of the project, behaviour and interaction are managed in line with the milestones to be achieved. This is no traditional training – our method draws its strength from the integration of neuroscience, psychology and business administration, in a practical way.

Neuroscience is used in order to be able to understand the source of behavioural aspects. Behavioural patterns and interactions with others are examined based on psychology. These two components (neuroscience and psychology) are placed within a managerial context. The impact of both is translated into consequences for your project and linked to the achievement of the desired results.


Benefits of OMM Project Management

By owning your own behavioural script you can identify your own root cause (pleasing others) instead of focussing on the symptoms (never finishing assignments) and create more behavioural menu. More menu means that OMM gives you more choices with which to react.


Some quotes from our customers:

‘OMM© is a prerequisite for successful project realisation’ — Philips

‘MANS, partner for project management’ — Rotterdam School of Management

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