OMM© Real-Time Coaching

Are you looking for a Coaching tool to work on changing behaviour, with a proven, long-term effect?

Then OMM© Real-Time Coaching is for you!

Real-Time CoachingOMM Real-Time Coaching is built around a 5-step path with a clear beginning and end. While on this path you will work on your issues in real-time. In addition to periodic face-to-face sessions, you will be supported 24/7 by your own coach through your personal and interactive coach app. With your personal ‘detox app’ you will work on a behavioural breakthrough.



  • Coach available 24/7
  • Effort and progress is continuously monitored and evaluated
  • Diversity of techniques with proven long-term effect
  • Working on your specific coaching targets with a well-defined path
  • Results within 3 months


88% see long-term effects on behaviour and thinking!

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Why use Real-Time Coaching?

Example: a project manager gets a mid-year review and is recommended to do a time management course, since ‘he is all over the place’ with too much to do and without finishing anything. Based on this behavioural script it is fair to say he has the drivers “please someone else” and “try hard”. So, he has a radar for picking up other people’s problems. Naturally, he will (physically) leave his door open so there is no barrier for people to approach him.
Of course, he doesn’t manage to walk into the office to his own cubicle without being approached by colleagues about their needs. Giving him a time management course will temporarily do the job. But since he doesn’t “own” his deeper drivers, in the long run he’ll fall back into his preferred behaviour.

More information

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