OMM© Team Excellerator

The OMM© Team Excellerator is linked to the results the team must achieve. The results represent the standard by which the efficiency of a specific behaviour is determined. Subsequently, team members explore the meaning of effective behaviour in their job. What do we consider to be mature behaviour within the team? How do we provide feedback to each other? How do we handle conflicts? These are a number of topics within which the OMM© Team Excellerator is used. Neuroscience, psychology and business administration are combined in an inspiring way within the approach.

Neuroscience is used in order to understand the origin of behavioural aspects. Psychology is applied to look at behavioural patterns and interaction within the team. These two components (neuroscience and psychology) are placed within the team context and the desired effective behaviour.

OMM Team Excellerator results:

Team ExcelleratorThe results of the OMM© Team Excellerator are that team members feel proud and responsible for the outcome achieved. In addition the Team Excellerator leads to:

  • Breaking of inefficient behavioral patterns
  • Assuming responsibility for personal and team development
  • Greater involvement and feeling of pride
  • Increase of openness and trust within the team
  • Concrete agreements about the way in which collaboration takes place
  • A combative and powerful team



Some quotes from our customers:

‘Behavioural preferences are an eye opener for our employees’ — Electrolux

‘To improve teamwork MANS is a true value-added partner’ — Fujifilm

‘A very positive characteristic of MANS is that it has no fear of authority’ — Dutch National Police

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