OMM The Base: Our principles in one book

After all these years, the Open Mind Management principles are now presented in one single book:

OMM The BaseThe Base: User Guide for Human Beings: The training preceding all other trainings

Open Mind Management The Base takes you on a trip that will give you ownership of your own behaviour. It is the course to take preceeding all other courses. It is the backbone you need to make all future training more effective. By owning your own behavioural script, you can identify your own root cause instead of focussing on the symptons, and thereby create a more behavioural menu. More menu means access to more choices with which to react. It also provides you with the insight that some choices will be very hard to make.

OMM The Base is created based on daily practice and MANS Open Mind Management’s many years of experience with a large variety of organisations; each organisation with its unique history, distinctive people, its own culture, and its vision, mission and goals.

In three steps you complete OMM The Base:

  1. You analyse and identify your own behavioural script (with tests and assessments)
  2. You get an insight into how psychological addiction of your behavioural preferences work
  3. You identify how you want to ‘widen your behavioural menu’ and you are provided with the tools to do so

Watch the video for a short impression of the book: