This three day training covers the role of a manager in bringing about challenging changes in his or her department or team. From different angles we take a look at and work with changes from an organisational and personal perspective. The training aims at augmenting the insight, expertise and skill […]

Managing change

The importance of working together in teams is widely accepted, whether it is in a business, sports or operation room context. More and more teams are supposed to perform in a result oriented manner. The slogan ‘result oriented’ is almost a hype. There appear to be different interpretations of the […]

Result oriented teams / A first reconnaissance

Born leaders. Perhaps they do exist, but the skills required for good leadership can most certainly be learned and optimised. In this training the role of the beginning manager is central. You will receive instruments to improve your basic skills in leadership. They provide you with alternatives to solve the […]

Help, I’m going to be a manager

This one-day meeting concentrates on an alternative way of getting to know your team. You will gain insight in the behavioural preferences of yourself and your colleagues. This helps in making steps forward in the development of the team. By performing funny and refreshing assignments the team members feel and […]

Behavioural preferences in your team with MBTI or ...

This course consists of two modules, each being followed by a training on the job. The theme during this course is developing your (result oriented) team. Target audience For managers who want to make the next step with their teams towards the development of a result oriented team. Module 1 […]

Positioning and growing with your (result oriented) team