Slow Down to Speed Up: The CEO’s Innovation Squeeze

Innovation Management book by Jane ZuidemaSlow Down to Speed Up, The CEO’s Innovation Squeeze is an innovation management book written by Jane Zuidema.


Slow Down to Speed Up: The CEO’s Innovation Squeeze

Inventors are the key to success when it comes to innovation. Many of them work for multinationals. The CEO ’s Innovation Squeeze is a unique book, as it takes the innovator’s physiology as a starting point for innovation: what is his or her inner state when s∫he is ‘in a flow’?


From this perspective, The CEO ’s Innovation Squeeze analyses the context of a multinational in which innovators are supposed to do their job. What is the required leadership style in a multinational when the focus is on innovation? And what are the implications for processes, systems and mandate? Moreover, does the CEO realise that he will have to decide what type of innovation he aims at? This decision has far reaching implications. The CEO’s Innovation Squeeze demonstrates that sustaining, experimental and radical innovation demand totally different requirements of management.


This innovation management book is a trip down memory lane for innovators, because they will recognise their daily practices and struggles. But it is also recommended for CEOs who face the challenge of facilitating all three kinds of innovation simultaneously and successfully.


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About the author

Jane Zuidema Innovation MANS CEOJane Zuidema is CEO of MANS Consultancy and founder of Open Mind Management; and she loves innovation. In her own company she is the innovator. In the past 20 years she has been involved in many projects via board room consulting and training. She has also coached hundreds of innovators, giving her a unique perspective from the inside out.