The Management Challenge

Are you looking for a tool to increase management consistency? Or a tool to fasten your team’s trajectory from storming to performing? Use The Management Challenge!

The Management Challenge

The Management Challenge is a web-based management game based on the INK management model. Participants manage a virtual organisation with the objective to set a strategy for the short and long term. They implement the strategy by using actions from a list of more than a hundred empirically tested interventions. With these actions, they manage and control their organisation.

Learning objectives and results

The Management Challenge can be used for different objectives:

  • Managing consistently.
  • Insights in strategic management.
  • Insights in making strategic choices.
  • Improving collaboration within the team.
  • Dealing with feedback.

Target Audience

  • A (team) manager with his or her team
  • A management team


The Management Challenge can be played in multiple forms, ranging from a half day to two full days, or played over a longer period. The specific program is customised to your needs. It can be part of a two day training with the focus on team collaboration, or even part of a Management Development Program, where the participants play a few rounds each month. But it also works as a stand-alone training to gain insights into strategic management or making a year plan.


The costs depend on the specific program you want. For a tailor-made quotation, please contact us by email at or by phone +31(0)88 – 605 48 49.


The Management ChallengeMANS is co-founder of The Management Challenge. It was developed during late last century following the INK management model. In 20 years, over 20,000 participants, have played the game. The challenge evolved into a web-based serious management game, where results are clear at a glance. For more information about The Management Challenge and its history, visit their official website.