The Book

The perfect kick-off

New Book By

drs. Jane Zuidema.

The Course


The Perfect kick-off

drs. Jane Zuidema.

The perfect kick-off

Years of practical experience have been assembled in this hands on project management course.

OMM© Project Excellerator

Reduced lead-time and clear understanding between project managers, clients and stakeholders. That is what this method has in store for your organisation.

OMM© Team Excellerator

Enhance the effectivity of your team’s behaviour and experience the results.

OMM© Personal Performance Excellerator

There is a lot to gain with respect to behaviour. This course genuinely contributes to achieve the team’s vision and mission.

OMM© Innovation Management

Innovation requires a different mind-set than ‘ordinary’ project management. Find the balance between creativity and concreteness.

OMM© Management Development Architecture

Tools that enable you to manage your own behaviour, to help others and to discuss behaviour. Learning and developing in daily practice.

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