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OMM© Team Excellerator, The Base

Making progress as a result of a firm base

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Open Mind Management© concentrates on making people work together better. Once you have mastered the base of OMM©, you will be able to make all future interaction, training and cooperation more effectively. Team members learn to recognise their own behavioural patterns.

You will learn to take responsibility of your own behaviour. Current behavioural patterns will be tested in relation to the results to be achieved. Further, we will explore a more extensive behavioural menu, creating more choice and space in daily practice.

OMM© Team Excellerator

Customisation in daily practice

Tailor made

‘Als je iemands voorkeuren kent, werk je beter samen’

Team results are the standard to define the effectivity of specific behaviour. Team members explore what it means to behave effectively in their daily work and in their mutual cooperation. The OMM© Team Excellerator is an excellent customised course focused on daily practice and the results to be achieved. In order to understand the origin of certain behavioural aspects, we use insights from psychology and neurology. We analyse behavioural patterns and interaction in the team.

Behavioural preference profiles

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Neurocolor is the next generation behavioural preference test. OMM© has a scoop for the Netherlands. We perform this first biochemical (brain chemistry) scientifically substantiated behavioural preference test, named NeuroColor. This instrument has been developed by dr. Helen Fisher, physician in the United States.

NeuroColor operates from the four brain systems, that are linked to specific hormonal production and neuro transmitters. These define personality characteristics. Through fMRI, the results of this test are scientifically being validated. NeuroColor is an improvement of traditional behavioural preference tests, such as MBTI©, Insights Discovery® and The big five, which are linguistic or philosophical of nature and not scientifically validated.

NeuroColor presents a more refined and nuanced picture of behavioural preferences in which people recognise themselves. It is less simplistic and the analysis is, apart from team building and personal coaching, applicable to career advice and assessments. Is your organisation acquainted with behavioural preference tests? In that case, it is worth your while to have us inform you about this behavioural preference test. As a business consultancy, we are the exclusive partner of NeuroColor in the Netherlands.

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‘NeuroColor profile is impressive and offers a nuanced picture. I absolutely recognise myself in it’, says the CEO of a consultancy.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI

Nice base to find out whether you can do better

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an effective instrument to gain insight in your own behaviour and that of others. It provides you with a profound insight in personal motives and interaction in a group. Fill in a questionnaire and learn how people handle their energy, how they receive and share information, decision making and how they organise their lives.

Participants receive a personal report, teams receive a team profile, which shows the natural talents and pitfalls of the team. It is a very practical instrument that quickly shows what kind of type you are, how your colleagues are and how you work together. A nice base to find out whether you can do better.

Our OMM© professionals are qualified for MBTI step 1 and 2.

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Insights Discovery

Colourful conceptual framework

The behavioural preference test Insights Discovery offers a colourful conceptual framework in a colour language. Team members learn to understand each other’s behavioural preferences. Insights Discovery is suited for an individual, a team and an organisational level. In consultation with clients, we usually decide which test is best suitable for them. This depends on how profound clients want their workers to get into their behavioural preferences.

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My Motivation Insights MMI

Insight into motivations

MMI is an effective instrument to gain insight in the motivation and drivers of your colleagues and of yourself. The colour profile and TeamScan help you in understanding the DNA of both the employees as well as the teams. This information will help you to progress.

You will learn why people react in the way they do and how to motivate and convince others. You will experience what is effective, and what is not, when interacting with the different drivers. This way you will learn how to adapt your communication style for your colleagues, manager or clients. With the help of the TeamScan a clear picture will be created on where the team is now. It will also provide the most important points to focus on, to enable growth and development for the team as a whole.

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Team coaching

Self-insight in team members’ competences and the team as a whole

Tailor made

Team coaching contributes to improved cooperation in teams. It focuses on delivering an optimal contribution to the organisational goals. We accompany teams in gaining self-insight in the competences of individual team members and the team as a whole. Team coaching is an activity on the job. Behavioural preference tests such as NeuroColor, MBTI and Insights Discovery are part of team coaching if desired.

A part of team coaching can also be the OMM© feedback loop. The OMM© feedback loop gives information at any time you desire about the way of cooperation related to the conditions in the team contract. The results of the OMM© feedback loop provide input for further optimisation of the cooperation.

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Flight Simulator

‘Very nice to experience what you can achieve in proper cooperation’

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Is an entire afternoon in school banks too boring for you? Would you rather be active in a cockpit yourself? This is what you literally experience during our workshop Flight Simulator. We show you literally what it takes to land a Boeing 737-800 safe on the ground. The workshop Flight Simulator takes you miles away from your comfort zone and will teach you how to take specific steps with your own team. It is all about cooperation the next level.


Team mediation

Mediation is customisation

Tailor made

If your team is about to get stuck in the mud, it can be helpful if an external expert analyses the composition of the team, takes a look at the team contract or investigates the leadership qualities.
OMM© professionals bring along a huge amount of experience when structures of cooperation are concerned. Team mediation is pure customisation.

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