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OMM© The Base – Behaviour is a verb

This training will help you enormously with all other courses, trainings and workshops of MANS.

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OMM© has three basic principles: control over your own behaviour, authenticity and accountability for your behaviour. Being authentic, you can make choices if you truly understand old habits and patterns.

Confronting as it may sometimes be, it is important to interpret in language why you act the way you do. To learn to recognise what makes you tick. This language is also important to explore why someone else acts the way he or she does and achieves results as well.

Clear insights originate from the cortex, in other words from logic and common sense. Yet, as soon as you are confronted with a trigger, the composition of your blood changes and flows to other parts of the body, your reptile brain is in charge. Patterns and habits, aimed at survival, arise. These will react impulsively on the trigger.

If you want to be able to make different choices, it is essential to understand and recognise your behaviour and to be able to explore what you might do differently. This is what makes behaviour a verb. Overturning your entire system, resisting the emotions and the composition of your blood, correcting your brain, using different words, trying, falling, standing up, doing, repeating and rewarding. OMM© The Base helps you on your way.

If you are determined and if you apply behaviour as a verb, then you will experience that your habits and patterns are not necessarily in control, but that it is you who makes the choices in life.

“This is really about yourself, it’s spot on and does not only address the symptoms!”

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OMM© Personal Performance Excellerator

Behaviour should contribute to the realisation of vision and mission

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The human being was originally designed to last for forty to fifty years. This was just enough to grow up, produce offspring and to raise the offspring. But guess what? We decided to start engineering ourselves through the ages. And now, we are capable of becoming twice as old physically. Unfortunately, hardly anyone questioned whether we would also cope psychologically.

Behaviour arises mostly by repetition of certain actions. The neurons in our brain construe connections and as we repeat out behaviour more often, these connections become stronger. Our behaviour altogether forms a pattern. The behavioural patterns in our brain are sufficient for someone who lives until fortieth year. But when you get older, you should at least ask yourself whether these are the patterns you are happy to live with for the rest of your life. Will they bring you what you hoped for in life? This course enables you to improve your personal performance.

OMM© is in no way biased about any kind of behaviour or pattern whatsoever. From a professional point of view, behaviour should contribute to the realisation of the vision, mission, the individual, the team or the organisation. No more, no less.

Behavioural preference profiles

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Neurocolor is de next generation gedragspreferentietest. OMM© heeft een primeur in Nederland! Wij voeren de eerste biochemisch (brain chemistry) en wetenschappelijk onderbouwde gedragspreferentietest, genaamd NeuroColor, uit. Het instrument is ontwikkeld door dr. Helen Fisher, arts in de Verenigde Staten.

NeuroColor werkt vanuit de vier hersensystemen die gekoppeld zijn aan specifieke hormoonproductie en neurotransmitters. Deze bepalen de persoonlijkheidskenmerken. Via fMRI scans zijn de uitkomsten van de test wetenschappelijk gevalideerd. NeuroColor is een verbetering van traditionele gedragspreferentietesten zoals MBTI©, Insights Discovery® en The big five die linguïstisch of filosofisch van aard zijn en niet wetenschappelijk onderbouwd.

NeuroColor geeft een verfijnder en genuanceerder beeld van de gedragspreferenties waar mensen zich goed in herkennen. Hierdoor vermijd je simplistische ‘hokjes’ en is de analyse naast teambuilding en persoonlijke coaching ook goed in te zetten bij loopbaanadvies en selectie assessments. Werkt jouw organisatie met gedragspreferentietesten? Dan is het de moeite waard om je te informeren over deze next generation gedragspreferentietest.

Als enige bureau in Nederland zijn wij gecertificeerd om NeuroColor uit te voeren.

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‘NeuroColor profile is impressive and offers a nuanced picture. I absolutely recognise myself in it’, says the CEO of a consultancy.'

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI

Nice base to find out whether you can do better

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an effective instrument to gain insight in your own behaviour and that of others. It provides you with a profound insight in personal motives and interaction in a group. Fill in a questionnaire and learn how people handle their energy, how they receive and share information, decision making and how they organise their lives.

Participants receive a personal report, teams receive a team profile, which shows the natural talents and pitfalls of the team. It is a very practical instrument that quickly shows what kind of type you are, how your colleagues are and how you work together. A nice base to find out whether you can do better.

Our OMM© professionals are qualified for MBTI step 1 and 2.

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Insights Discovery

Colourful conceptual framework

The behavioural preference test Insights Discovery offers a colourful conceptual framework in a colour language. Team members learn to understand each other’s behavioural preferences. Insights Discovery is suited for an individual, a team and an organisational level. In consultation with clients, we usually decide which test is best suitable for them. This depends on how profound clients want their workers to get into their behavioural preferences.

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My Motivation Insights MMI

Insights into motivations

MMI is an effective instrument to gain insight in the motivation and drivers of your colleagues and of yourself. The colour profile and TeamScan help you in understanding the DNA of both the employees as well as the teams. This information will help you to progress.

You will learn why people react in the way they do and how to motivate and convince others. You will experience what is effective, and what is not, when interacting with the different drivers. This way you will learn how to adapt your communication style for your colleagues, manager or clients. With the help of the TeamScan a clear picture will be created on where the team is now. It will also provide the most important points to focus on, to enable growth and development for the team as a whole.

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OMM© Real-time coaching

88% perceives a long term effect in thinking and acting!

Are you in search for a coaching tool in order to effectively change your behaviour? With a proven long term effect? In that case, OMM© Real-time Coaching really is what you are looking for!

OMM© Real-time Coaching is composed of five steps with a clear beginning and an end. You will be working on your goals real-time. Apart from the periodic face to face sessions you will be 24/7 supported by a personal and interactive coaching application. Your personal detox app will help you breaking through the behavioural patterns you find disturbing.

The advantages of real-time coaching for you:

  • Coach available 24/7
  • Your efforts are constantly being measured and explained
  • Diversity of techniques with a proven long term effect
  • Work on your specific goals according to a well-defined path
  • Results within three months

Why OMM© Real-time Coaching?
Take this example: a project manager receives his or her half-yearly review and is recommended to follow a course in time management. He or she is always so busy, but never finishes anything. According to his or her behavioural script, the drivers are ‘make others happy’ and ‘work hard’. So, this person has a radar for picking up other people’s problems. Thus, naturally, the office door is always open: there are no barriers whatsoever to approach him or her with your issues. And of course, this person will never reach his or her desk without being approached by colleagues who want to discuss their needs. Time management training will only have a short term effect. As long as this person is not the owner of his or her underlying drivers, he or she will fall back in his or her preferred behaviour in the long run. OMM© Real-time coaching will make him or her the owner of his or her behaviour.

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