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OMM© Management Development

88% of the participants structurally change their way of thinking and doing, measured minimally 1 year after closure of the programs.

Tailor made

We might just be the best builders of MD-programs in the country. We have proven this in the past 35 years with hard facts. Building and executing programs, aiming at demonstrable behavioural change in organisations in the public and private sector is our specialism. Why are our programs so successful for our clients? Because we build and execute programs in which:

  • Actual learning and developing take place on the work floor during daily practice
  • We seduce participants to develop towards the goals of the program. Seduction is much more powerful than commanding
  • Confidence and security are central
  • Learning and developing are being facilitated formally and informally
  • Participants receive tools to manage their behaviour, to help others and to discuss behaviour
  • Taking responsibility for your own actions and taking responsibility for your own participation are central
  • The program is not the goal but an instrument. Reality and actuality define timing and presentation of the content
  • The participants measure and monitor the desired development themselves.
  • Measurement aiming to improve, not to control
  • We conclude learning contracts with each other in order to manage the mutual expectations right from the start
  • Co creation with the client is the base for the execution of the program
  • The participants cannot escape practicing what they have learned because of the structure of the program
  • Participants work with a personal digital dashboard
  • Participants experience content, chapters, interventions and structure as logical, coherent and natural
  • We are not afraid for confrontations in the interest of the organisation

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Alert on ingrained patterns

During the process implementation, we noticed that MANS is alert on ingrained cultural patterns’, says Peter van Dongen, CEO of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. ‘By addressing these patterns and by agreeing on better arrangements, MANS streamlines these processes.’



Learning so much in such a short time is rare

Tailor made

‘The traineeship brought me in contact with MANS and Open Mind Management©. This method helped me during my traineeship and this experience will help me in the rest of my career. The personal and accessible approach of MANS was pleasant. I am convinced that I know myself and what I am capable of better thanks to MANS and OMM©.’

‘A path is being created by walking on it. Earlier, I used to take a safe route, far away from my fears and my convictions.’

‘My life paths has become far more diverse, exciting and beautiful as a result of MANS’ trainings. Thanks for this enrichment!’

‘The traineeship with in it the OMM© method was intense, turbulent and instructive. For two years, the focus was on who I am, what I am capable of and what I want. It is not always easy to open up to your pitfalls and behavioural patterns. Realising this was only one of the steps I had to take. How to deal with your pitfalls, and especially, how to detect your talent, made this trajectory very meaningful to me. The traineeship helped me understand who I am and what I am capable of; valuable lessons I carry with me on a daily basis.’

Based on our OMM© approach we design traineeships that are successful for both the organisation and the trainees.

Traineeships have become commonplace in recent years, especially for students who recently graduated. The implementation of traineeships takes many forms.

We are experts in developing trainees by offering an alternate program with content, skills and personal development. We implement various ways of learning, in which we challenge in and outside their comfort zone to learn and develop. At appropriate moments we also involve internal and external stakeholders in the traineeship.

Our OMM© method makes us unique. Our trainees learn to:

  • Obtain ownership of their own behaviour and their ingrained behavioural patterns
  • Explore and enlarge their current behavioural menu
  • Make authentic choices without the constraint of old behavioural patterns

Trainees learn to take responsibility and to make authentic choices for their own behaviour. Our method goes beyond the discovery of what function is best suited for the trainee. We also focus on discovering talents and handicaps of their own behavioural patterns and how to break through them. Trainees and the organisation profit from this method. We offer years of expertise and experience in:

  • Designing and building an integral traineeship in which the organisation and the trainees are central
  • Educational design of substantive tutorials
  • Facilitating content, skills and personal development
  • Organising trainee programs in a ‘dedicated’ way and accompanying trainees in their development (24/7 mobile learning)
  • Evaluating and reflecting on current trainee programs.

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