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Jane Zuidema Jane Zuidema, CEO of MANS and developer of the Open Mind Management approach has lauched her own website:   Speaker Global Innovation Forum Last November, Jane was one of the speaker at the 5th Global Innovation Forum in London. She has voted as one of the top-speakers of […]

Jane Zuidema – Innovation keynote speaker

Are you looking for a tool to increase management consistency? Or a tool to fasten your team’s trajectory from storming to performing? Use The Management Challenge! The Management Challenge The Management Challenge is a web-based management game based on the INK management Model. Participants manage a virtual organisation with the […]

The Management Challenge

The Base
After all these years, the Open Mind Management principles are now presented in one single book: The Base: User Guide for Human Beings: The training preceding all other trainings Open Mind Management The Base takes you on a trip that will give you ownership of your own behaviour. It is […]

OMM The Base: Principles into one book

You have visited our website and you have seen some things you think are quite interesting. If you want to see us in action, you can come to the following events. 21-jan Workshop: Team Building Building teams and team building free of charge Soest 22-jan Workshop: Innovation Management How can […]

See MANS in action

MANS offers 6 public courses, based on open enrollment. Dates, location and enrollment apply to all 6 courses.   Dates We offer our courses at different times during the year. The dates are planned in consultation with the individual participants, thus making different starting dates for our courses possible.   […]

Public course information

You want your team to take more responsibility and to work together with pride as a winning team. You also want to support your team to get results. During this training you will learn to intervene effectively in the process of your team. For example, how do you make your […]

Being a manager in the role of team ...

You will be making a personal analysis based on the Open Mind Management© concept. You will make an inventory of you current leadership style by gaining insight in your neuron clouds, your egogram and drama triangle. So, you will get a clear picture of how to broaden you behavioural menu. […]

Decoding your leadership script